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Orion Nebula by Ninian Boyle If you've been lost in the maze of astronomical websites and are in information overload, then you have at last found a website that will take the pain out of discovering information that you really need to take you hobby to the next level.

Ninian Boyle, who is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a member of the British Astronomical Association, has put together this site to give you access to top quality information on the subject in an easily digestible form. Here you will find courses and much more to help you to get to grips with certain topics whether it's learning about how the night sky works or, more practically, setting up a particular type of telescope, through to how to image the Sun or taking pictures with a DSLR camera.

Please click any of the links on the left hand side to take you through to more information on the specific topics. There's plenty of FREE information here along with courses designed to get you quickly further with your hobby...and if you can't find what you want here then please contact us and if we can help or add a new page then we will.

*** Discover the Night Sky ***

The very accessible online course, where you can learn everything you wanted to know about astronomy in an easy and enjoyable format.

If you have always wanted to know why we see the phases of the Moon, or how things are mapped out in the night sky, or even what a supernova really is, then these are just a few of the topics I cover in this my latest course aimed at teaching you, the novice astronomer all about the basics of the subject in an exciting and engaging way.

New online course - Discover the Night Sky

Using, video, animation and text and some breath-taking images you will quickly learn about the night sky in this six module course, that will have you understanding the wonders of the heavens. To find out more about the course please click here...

Now available 'online'
* * How to become an Expert Solar Imager * *

Solar Imaging Course Now you can study this course aimed at showing you how to take and process amazing images of the Sun, online on a web page.
I put together this course with Pete Lawrence of the BBC Sky at Night team, who is one of the world's leading Solar imagers, to bring you everything you need to get going taking pictures like a professional. The course is aimed at beginners to the subject but quickly takes you on to an advanced stage. It's in the form of a video, packed with all the information you need, from what kit to use, how to set it up, when is the best time to image and on to some advanced image processing techniques.

Not only that, I persuaded Pete to part with one of his secrets to make sure that all your images turn out to be the best they can; a technique which could be described as revolutionary! To find out more click here.

Now You Can....
Find out about our local star and discover what can be seen as we look at the sun in Hydrogen Alpha
Add your astronomy images to our gallery, or have a look at the images already there...

Find out about the sun Add your pictures or visit the astronomy images gallery

Or you can watch...
Watch Ninian on a recent TV show as he tells you all about his passion for astronomy and shows you how to set up a telescope. Ninian will show you in this video how to use the Setting Circles on your Equatorially Mounted Telescope

Watch Ninian Ninian Demonstrating Setting Circles        Launch Windows Media Player and Play Video

Starting Out
Explorer 130 Telescope If you are just starting out with your telescope then Ninian's course Basic Astronomy with a Telescope is just what you need! From setting up your telescope and how to polar align it, to finding things in the night sky and what accessories to use, this information packed course will save you time and money!

Even the late, great Sir Patrick Moore said he wished he had this course when he first started out in astronomy. Click the link below to find out more and to begin your journey...

Basic Astronomy with a Telesope online course      

*** FREE Video! ***

Join Ninian on YouTube as he explains how the night sky changes with the seasons and your location

To help you make sense of various items of equipment Ninian has either written or co-authored these eBooks...
Stun your friends as you take amazing pictures of the night sky Get to grips with your Meade ETX Telescope

DSLR Astro-Imaging ETX Help!

Astronomical kit
Building an Observatory...  
Ninian's Observatory If you want some impartial advice on buying equipment or perhaps you are having troubles and would like some help with your existing kit, then Ninian would be pleased to help - you can email him

Ninian in his observatory

Ninian is available to coach individuals or small groups

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"The Milky Way is nothing else but a mass of innumerable stars planted together in clusters."
Galileo Galilei

Ninian giving a talk

Ninian giving a talk to members of a club

"Astronomy's much more fun when you're not an astronomer."
Brian May

"In February 1962, New York police reported a sudden drop in telephone calls on the day that the astronaut John Glenn first orbited the Earth. Even crime stood still."
Alistair Cooke