Your Guide to Buying a Sexond Had Telescope
Ninian Boyle FRAS

Don't spend a single pound until you've read this....

From the desk of Ninian Boyle
Wednesday April 17th 2024

Dear Astronomer

So you're thinking of buying a second hand scope? Well, there are certainly some good bargains out there so go for it and see what you can find....

I can show you
  • The best places to look
  • Where to look to save you time
  • How to spot a bargain
  • What to check when your telescope arrives
  • How to assess the mount that comes with it
  • How to see that your scope is collimated
  • The pros and cons of Ebay

Don't get caught out. Armed with all this information you should be able to spot a bargin, avoid the pitfalls and know how to deal with any minor issues that will save you a lot of time, worry and expense and possible embarrassment when you have to admit to your friends that you bought a lemon...

With this guide to refer to, you never need to worry about whether you've missed something in the minefield that is purchasing a second hand telescope or accessories.

And it's FREE....

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