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Sellers Terms and Tips

Advertising Terms

  1. All additions and alterations to adverts will be monitored. Astronomy Know How retains the right to delete any entry it considers unsuitable
  2. The Advertiser should delete the advert if the goods are sold
  3. The email address of the Advertiser will at no time appear on the website
  4. Every month you will get an email telling you how many times your advert has been viewed since you first entered it.
  5. There will be an administrative charge of 25.00 if you ask us to add, edit or delete your advert or your personal details. The monthly email will remind you of the user name you used and if you have forgotten your password you can get a new one automatically. Once logged in, you can do all the above quite easily.
  6. Any account that has not been used for a year will be flagged and you will be emailed to ask you if you want to keep it. If you take no action, you will be emailed again about a month later and finally a month after that your account and any remaining adverts will be deleted. Logging into your account will re-activate the account for another year even if you take no action other than to log out again!
  7. This system is solely for the use of private individuals for the advertisment and sale of astronomy equipment only.
  8. You can load 1 picture per advert. The picture must be a jpeg format and no bigger than 400 x 400 pixels.

Advertising Tips

Privacy and Security

The personal information you enter to use this system is not for sale and will not be disclosed to a third party. You will not receive unsolicited emails or phone calls as a result of entering your information into the advertisers database. However, your telephone number will be on display to people who look at the adverts, which is why we have made the entry of a phone number optional! By entering your information in the database, you will get the emails from us that are laid out in the terms above and we do reserve that right to email you with information that is relevant to you such as any changes or upgrades to the site. You have the option to delete your details from the database at any time and this will automatically delete your email address from the mailing list.

The first email contact that a prospective buyer makes with you is through a form on the site which does not reveal your email address. This means that the programs that trawl through web sites looking for email adresses for spammers to collect, will not find your email address on this site so cannot collect it to spam you. Your answer to this will of course give the email address to the recipient, but not the world!

Your password in encrypted irreversibly, so that is why we have to send you a new one if you forget yours.

The system does use cookies if your computer allows, but has been configured to work without them if you have disallowed cookies within your browser. Some Firewalls may need further adjustment to allow the system to work.